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Personal Lines
Personal Umbrella


Personal Umbrella


Personal Umbrella with Excess UM Liability


Excess Liability

True Umbrella

Underlying coverages/limits

Coverage definitions: Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella

Excess Liability


True Umbrella

Excess Liability: 

Provides excess liability coverage above primary underlying policy limits.

True Umbrella:

Insures against certain risks that the primary underlying policy does not cover.

Underlying Policy Requirements

Must have underlying policies such as home and auto.  In some product lines only auto.

Excess Uninsured Motorist Liability

Additional Excess Uninsured Motorist Liability is available and allowed in addition to Excess Liability coverage in some Personal Umbrella policies.

Higher Policy Limits

You must carry higher liability limits on your other insurance products that are held within the Umbrella



Legal Defense Costs

Covers Attorneys Fees and other lawsuit costs.


Protects your Assets

Protects your assets including your Home, Autos, Boats, Atv's, RV's, Travel Trailers, and Motorcycles.

Protects your


Protects your future earnings and livelihood from lawsuits.

Protects your

daily life

Protects you against  slander, libel, invasion of privacy, defamation of character.

Protect your future earnings and livelihood!


A Personal Umbrella acts as an extra layer of coverage.  This coverage comes in handy if you encounter a an unexpected life event such as causing a multi-vehicle, multi-injury auto accident.  A Personal Umbrella may be THE most important insurance coverage you ever buy. 

We will demonstrate how adding a Personal Umbrella to your insurance policy portfolio can protect your future. Combined with higher under lying policy coverage limits this product is a Home run.

An optimum coverage combination can literally save your financial life. Let us show you an all-star line up of coverages.


Please discuss your insurance requirements with a licensed agent and refer to your actual insurance policy documents for coverages that apply to you and your situation.

Coverage descriptions and definitions listed herein are for illustration purposes only and may not be available to you or to your specific situation.


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